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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now I know... I know who is en aziz..Emm...I am really understand why..but dia x blh terus2 direct mrh dkt ak..coz I'm a new with helpdesk..I'm just assist with kak emi doing i'm not 100% doing helpdesk..not yet..but i'll go for it 100% step by step..u must give me a time to get overall of helpdesk..En razak is my boss don't force me like en aziz..woooowww.. i'm not a robot..ok fine..i have graduate but don't have more now i'm trying to get it... Cian tgok kak wan n kak umi..( x baik en aziz maki2 meh) ckp baik2 x blh ke??i tau la u besar..but kita manusia perasaan..klu robot..cnfirm x ad now..when en aziz call ,i'll just make it cool before talk with no point( remember that!!!) a new knowledge when somebody try to mrh2..just buat dek x la tension..yg penting relax...( redah je)..biasalah...dia kn besar..nk tnjuk la yg dia kuat..sabar jelh...janji kita tau ap yg kita buat...

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